Tue, Mar 25 — Day of Action Against “Unfair Elections Act” — Jamie Biggar (Leadnow.ca) — Joey Hartman (VDLC) on privacy in the workplace — Ellen Woodsworth & Vancity Credit Union

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Image: http://leadnow.ca
Image: http://leadnow.ca


  • News Headlines:
  • The B.C. government has introduced back-to-work legislation against striking container truck drivers at Port Metro Vancouver. Bill 25 will directly affect about 250 unionized truckers who are members of Unifor, and includes a 90-day cooling off period. The Canadian Press reports that passage of the legislation is expected by Wednesday, since the NDP has said it will oppose the bill. – CBC

  • Growing industry interest in the offshore oil resources of Canada’s Arctic is forcing northerners to confront hard questions about development. No actual drilling is likely to happen for years, reports Bob Weber of the Canadian Press.

  • Officials in Washington state say they have over 100 reports of people who are missing and unaccounted for, after last Saturday’s deadly mudslide in Snohomish County. – CBC
  • Microsoft is defending its right to break into customers’ accounts and read their emails, according to CNN.

  • The Turkish government has decided to block access to the Twitter social media site. – International Federation of Journalists

  • The number of people in need of humanitarian aid in Syria has increased by one million since the start of 2014, totaling 3.5 million people. Those numbers were given by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a report to the UN Security Council yesterday, says RT News.


  • Music today included: Trust – Rescue Mister, Star Captains – Love Is, No Shit Shirleys – Own Hands, Parachute Club – Rise Up

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