Thu, Mar 27—PHS audit—Co-founder Mark Townsend—Journalist Frances Bula—Straight ed. Charlie Smith

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Marc Townsend has resigned as executive director of the Portland Hotel Society, which runs Insite, Vancouver’s safe injection site. This follows an audit of the non-profit. Photo: RICHARD LAM , THE CANADIAN PRESS
  • 03:10 — Today’s top news headlines from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • 16:30 — Interview with journalist Frances Bula ( on her Globe and Mail article on the Portland Hotel Society audit and why the organization came under government scrutiny.


  • 28:00 — Interview with Mark Townsend (co-founder & director, Portland Hotel Society) on the scathing government audit that forced his and the entire executive’s resignation, questions around fiscal mismanagement, and the importance of PHS programs like social enterprises, Insite safe injection site and more.


  • 48:55 — Interview with Charlie Smith (editor, The Georgia Straight) on the PHS audit, whether the organization came under fire for its outspoken political battles, and questionable salaries and expenses.
  • Music: Be Good Tanyas (“Junkie Song”), Half Moon Run (“Give up”), Public Enemy (“Can’t hold us back”), Mirah (“Education”) .

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