Media Mornings: Mon, Mar 31— Day of Action for a New Health Accord – talking with Rachel Tutte (BC Health Coalition)– Trade Agreements and Democracy with Stuart Trew (Council of Canadians) — Corporate interests and Indian Election – Gurpreet Singh (Radio India)

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Day of Action Health


  • The current Health Accord expires today and the federal government is refusing to renegotiate it. Expiration of the accord will result in a $36 billion dollar cut to public health care, and an additional $16.5 billion dollar cut to health care equalization payments. Today people across the country will be holding rallies to sound the alarm and let their MP’s know that it is time to step forward and ensure that our health care system has a future. We talk with Rachel Tutte of the BC Health Coalition.  (Starts at 18:30 min mark)

  • Lower mainland Day of Action locations:
    • Richmond — Rally at office of MP Alice Wong, 3:30-4:00pm (360-5951 No. 3 Rd.). Contact: David Huespe, 604-619-5124,

    • Surrey — Rally at MP Nina Grewal’s office, 12-12:30pm (201-15957 84 Ave.). Contact: Kelly Aujla, 604-626-8806,

    • Vancouver — Rally at MP Wai Young’s office, 9:00-9:30am (6406 Victoria Dr.). Contact: Bev Trynchy, 604-837-1433,

  • The most significant development in the Indian election scene is the expulsion of Jaswant Singh from BJP. He is a former federal minister of India and one of a few moderate voices who could pose challenge to Narendra Modi’s extremism.  We discuss this with Gurpreet Singh. Also discussed Arundhati Roy’s comments about the BJP. (31:30 min mark)
  • EU publishes CETA investment text, launches consultations. We discuss how current trade deals are undermining democracy with Stuart Trew of Council of Canadians. (46 min mark)



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