Wed, Apr 9 — Fay Faraday — how recruitment practices exploit migrant workers — Joey Hartman — pensions — #sealfie

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Profiting from the Precarious:How recruitment practices exploit migrant workers - Fay Faraday Image:‎
Profiting from the Precarious: How recruitment practices exploit migrant workers – Fay Faraday Image:


  • Joey Hartman (Vancouver and District Labour Council) on how we can make pensions work for all. (Starts at 18:30 min mark)
  • An important and powerful new report, Profiting from the Precarious: How recruitment practices exploit migrant workers, was launched yesterday – we talk with the author – Osgood Law Professor Fay Faraday. (Starts at 35 min mark)
  • Canada’s Inuit launched a “sealfie” campaign last month to counter American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ $1.5 million donation to the Humane Society, which opposes Canada’s commercial seal hunt. The Inuit and their supporters are posting selfies with seal products to show the hunt is a part of their livelihood. Dear Ellen Video , APTN News Report (Starts at 53 min mark) 
  • News Headlines:
  • It appears that the BC NDP is close to having a new leader, after one of the two leading candidates to replace Adrian Dix withdrew yesterday. Port Coquitlam MLA Mike Farnworth has dropped out, leaving Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan as the overwhelming favourite. Tyee
  • Alberta health officials have asked more than 100 Calgary students to stay home for the next two weeks because they have not been vaccinated for measles. The request stems from concern over a growing number of cases in the province, reports the Canadian Press.
  • McDonald’s is under federal investigation over possible abuses of the Temporary Foreign Worker program at a franchise outlet in B.C. According to a CBC news report, workers at the Victoria location say that hey are getting less shifts while temporary foreign workers are getting more shifts.
  • Clashes between Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers yesterday left eight people injured, including six border guards, according to RT News.
  • In another RT report, the death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 111. At least 101 people have died from the bleeding disorder in Guinea and 10 people in neighboring Liberia
  • Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said yesterday that the Syrian government is no longer in danger of falling, and President Bashar al-Assad would stand for re-election this year. Nasrallah also told the As-Safir newspaper that the the threat of bombings in Lebanon “has dropped considerably” because of measures adopted along the Lebanese-Syrian border. – Morning Star
  • The US-led NATO alliance has warned Russia that intervention in Ukraine would be a “historic mistake” with grave consequences. The BBC reports that NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Moscow must pull back its troops along the Ukrainian border.
  • Meanwhile it has been announced that senior officials from the EU, Russia, the US and Ukraine are to meet next week to discuss the situation in Ukraine. It will be the first four-way meeting since the crisis erupted. – BBC 

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