Mon, May 12: Media Mornings – Vanessa Iafolla (Grandparents raising Grandchildren) — Gurpreet Singh (Radio India) — Anita Dawson (Ikea locked out workers)

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One year - Ikea Lockout photo: Ikea Lockout Facebook group
One year – Ikea Lockout photo: Ikea Lockout Facebook group


  • News headlines:
  • Top story: UN report backs First Nations against pipelines. Calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women. (Starts at 6:30 min mark)
  • Interviews: 
  • There are growing numbers of grandparents (and other relatives) becoming the full time sole caregivers to children who do not live with their parents. This life event is almost always unexpected and unplanned for, and leads to delayed life transitions and economic hardships. We talk with Vanessa Iafolla, lead researcher, working on  the first nation-wide study of the financial literacy needs of people who are raising biological relatives (usually grandchildren).  For more info: or Parent Support Services Society of BC. (Starts at 16:45 min mark) 
  • Gurpreet Singh (Radio India) discusses significant 66% voter turn-out in India elections. Plus the strong support from Radio India listeners, for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.  (Starts at 30 min mark)
  • Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of the lock out of Ikea workers. On May 13th, IKEA Richmond tried to enforce major concessions on its workers, who were demanding nothing more than basically the same wages, benefits and contract that was already in place.  IKEA is a household name and a billion dollar company. It is privately owned by the Swedish Kamprad family, one of the 100 wealthiest families in the world. Ikea continues to refuse to discuss their employees’ reasonable demands. We talk with union rep Anita Dawson (Teamsters 213).  (Starts at 45 min mark) 
  • Music today included: Some of the sounds from Saturday’s No Enbridge rallyyoutube video by Tony Cave., Nathalie Merchant – Which Side are You on?

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