Thurs, Aug 2: Media Mornings — Racial Profiling — Precarious Work

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Jane Finch Action Against Poverty - Toronto
Jane Finch Action Against Poverty – Toronto
  • Interviews:
  • Flexibility for employers has been one of the biggest corporate demands of the last decade. This flexibility has become the norm and is resulting in greater precariousness for workers.  Andrew Longhurst author of a new Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report on Temporary Agency Work in BC. (Starts at app 17:30 min mark)

  • Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight discusses a few of this week’s top stories: Prescription heroin, Teachers’ Strike, Gender Violence (Starts app 35 min mark)
  • Much of the Canadian media coverage of the police shooting of  Michael Brown and racial profiling in Ferguson is an American problem. To discuss this, we have Suzanne Narain,  a member of Toronto’s Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty JFAAP – a grassroots group of Jane Finch community residents and workers. Last Thursday, August 14th, Canada Border Services Agency with the support of Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Ministry of Transportation racially profiled, forcefully IDd and detained at least 21 people on in the community of Jane Finch in Toronto. Immigrant advocacy groups have also launched a petition against racial profiling and Ontario-Federal immigration enforcement collusion   (Starts at app 51:30 min mark)

    Plus news headlines and music

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