Nov 5: Media Mornings—Joey Hartman on civil rights leader Viola Desmond

W2MEDIA.CA  |  Today’s 7-8am Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm:

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Viola Desmond, right, sits with her sister Wanda Davis (now Robson) in about 1944. Desmond’s protracted legal battles after being expelled from a New Glasgow theatre in 1946 for sitting on the main floor rather than in the balcony caused financial hardship for the Halifax entrepreneur, but paved the way for desegregation in Nova Scotia.
  • Today’s top news headlines from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • Interview with Joey Hartman (president, Vancouver & District Labour Council) on the legacy of Canadian anti-racist civil rights advocate Viola Desmond, known as “the Rosa Parks of Canada” — and the dedication of a Nova Scotia holiday in her honour.

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