May 28: Maude Barlow—Jonny Morris (CMHA) & Charlie Smith (Straight) on Mental Health Services » Weekdays 7-8am 100.5fm: Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour.

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  Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians (Photo by David P. Ball)

  • 5:55 — Today’s top news headlines from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • 22:40Interview with Maude Barlow (national chairperson, Council of Canadians) on her recent 10-city tour across Canada, her new report on nine years of the Harper government, and why she feels it’s more important than ever to get out the vote for October’s federal election.
  • 39:10 Interview with Charlie Smith (editor, The Georgia Straight) about the Doctors of B.C.’s election of controversial Dr. Brian Day as its leader by a single vote–raising fears of push to privatize health care amidst his constitutional lawsuit against the province. And are we honouring the Komagata Maru memorial with poor maintenance? Is it time for a more impressive public monument to an incident that highlights Canada’s “shadow of white supremacy,” Charlie asks.
  • 48:20Interview with Jonny Morris (Canadian Mental Health Association B.C.) and Charlie Smith (editor, The Georgia Straight)  about preventing suicides on the Skytrain, as well as how to improve mental health services: Is it time for publicly funded counseling/therapy services? [For emergency support or resources, call 1-800-SUICIDE].
  • Music: San Fermin (“Jackrabbit”), Mirah (“Monument”), Owen Pallett (“Riverbed”)

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