Wed, Aug. 26 — Federal Election – Childcare – Iglika Ivanova — IGA Underhanded? » Weekdays 7-8am 100.5fm: Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour.

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  •  Today’s top news headlines begin at 3:39 mark
  • Some 300 IGA Marketplace staff employed by H.Y. Louie are speaking out because they say their employer is using underhanded means to sell a store—a move that may impact their employment, and their wages, benefits and pensions. Interview with Munira Mohamud, from IGA workers’ union – the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1518. F0r more information go to:  (Begins at 22:39 min mark)
  •  Childcare and the Federal Election with Iglika Ivanova of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Starts at 38 Min Mark)
  • Plus music from Rae Spoon, Veda Hille, Pete Seeger

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