Sep 10—Kathy Tomlinson on Canadian banks & suspicious money—Why isn’t health care an election issue?—Marijuana decrim vs legalization

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Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour on 100.5fm in Vancouver.

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Photo: Jason Lee / Reuters


  • 05:55 —Today’s top news headlines: from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • 18:30 — Interview with Kathy Tomlinson (investigative reporter, the Globe and Mail) on how Canadian banks are facilitating the movement of overseas financial transfers reported as “suspicious” to authorities — and what it might mean for Vancouver’s housing prices.
  • 47:00 — Interview with Jane Bouey (Media Mornings co-host and producer) on this Sunday’s Grandparents Stroll in New Westminster.
  • Music by Feist (“Anti-Pioneer”), Alt-J (“Nara”), Dan Mangan (“It Starts with Them, It Ends with Us”), Doug Paisley feat. Feist (“Learn to Lose”).

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