Oct 8: Refugee Health Cuts—Fractures in Conservatives’ Electoral Base—Temporary Foreign Workers

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Doctors protest against cuts to refugee health care. Photo: David P. Ball/The Tyee


  • 05:00  — Today’s top news headlines: from local to global current affairs — radio news roundup you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • 23:00 — Interview with Jeremy Nuttall (The Tyee Parliament Hill Reporter) on the latest Temporary Foreign Worker Program scandal, and increasing fractures in the Conservatives’ right-wing base including veterans and farmers.
  • 36:15 — Interview with Don Wright (Amnesty International Canada, regional activism coordinator) on the upcoming Amnesty Film Festival in Vancouver Oct 15-17.
  • 47:30 — Interview with Ryan Herriot (Canadian Doctors for Refugee Health Care) on a protest this weekend in support of refugee medical coverage.
  • 53:50 — Interview with Sozan Savehilaghi (No One Is Illegal-Coast Salish Territories) on the week of action for Refugees Welcome and the Neverhome.ca video and research series on migrant justice.
  • Music, arts and culture from independent, progressive artists.

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