Fri Dec 11 – Eriel Deranger, John Trudell, Kumi Naidoo, Joseph Ramsey

W2MEDIA.ORG  |  Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm


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02:00 Show Introduction

04:30 Weather & BC / International News: Christy Clark throws BC children under the LNG bus, COP 21, Kim Jong Un’s hydrogen bomb, and more.

19:00 John Trudell, a look back at the life and struggle and poetry of Trudell, who passed away on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. He was 69 years old.

27:40 Updates from Paris’ #COP21 climate change negotiations with progressive voices on the issues of climate change, Indigenous rights, labour, and the final #COP21 agreement.

  • 29:00 Joan Carling (Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact)
  • 31:50 Kumi Naidoo (Greenpeace International)
  • 37:50 Eriel Deranger (Athabasca Fort Chippewan First Nation)
  • 41:00 Jeremy Corbyn (UK Labour Party)
  • 42:30 Naomi Klein (Author)

44:45 MUSIC: John Trudell, Rich Man’s War from AKA Graffiti Man

48:30 Joseph Ramsey, Writer with CounterPunch, on current US reactions to Trump, white supremacy, Islamaphobia, and US reaction to refugee crisies.

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