Fri Jan 8 2016 with Doris Chow, Khelsilem, Michael Hale, Sister Says

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Jan 8 2016 Media Mornings

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @Dutchphoto

MUSIC on today’s show: Soulful sounds of Sister Says. A soulful genre-bending pop duo/band based out of Vancouver fronted by mixed Haida-Tsimshian siblings Gillian and Robert Thomson.

01:30 – Introduction

03:30 – Local, provincial and international news: RCMP entrapment, BC bi-elections announced and Pete Fry (BC Greens) wants to cut MSP premiums, Liberals announce ex-Toronto top-cop to guide marijuana legalization, First Nations have setup camp to stop deforestation for Site-C construction, and more.

14:00 Gary Younge (UK Guardian) breaks down the rise of the right, Donald Trump, rightwing populism and scapegoating of society’s vulnerable cropping up all across the west. Plus can Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders use Neil Young’s anthem ‘Rockin in the Free World.’

19:30 – REDx Talks from Calgary – an amazing new speakers’ event. Next ones landing in Edmonton and Vancouver . The inaugural REDx Talks video posted features Khelsilem speaking on “What I Know Now.” Khelsilem is Skwxwú7mesh-Kwakwaka’wakw activist focused on reclaiming Indigenous world views through traditional languages.

40:00 – Michael Hale of the PIPE UP Network on Trudeau’s broken promise on the #NEB and #KinderMorgan tarsands pipeline, and can Canada be wholly powered by alternative energy? Plus we look at Mark Jacobson (Stanford University) research on how Canada can go 100% renewable energy sources and eliminate fossil fuel use.  Jacobson appeared on the David Letterman Show and we hear that clip.

51:45 –  Vancouver’s Chinatown under threat – hear the sounds from Eliot Galan and Chanel Ly’s film NO STONE UNTURNED and we speak with Doris Chow Co-founder of the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown which is organising for housing and cultural justice in Vancouver’s heavily gentrified Chinatown neighbourhood.  They have been holding monthly mah-jong social events that bring together senior citizens with youth to discuss the neighbourhood bonds they share. Sign the Save Chinatown Heritage petition and get involved however possible.



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