Fri Feb 5 – Open Road, NDP and Left, Bernie Sanders, Confronting Misogyny

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Feb 5 2016 Media Mornings

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @Dutchphoto

Program starts at 03:45 Show welcome!

05:00 Local, provincial and international news including social technology community wants justice with shared economy publishing open letter and Demolishment of beautiful home at 6088 Adera Street, Vancouver brings people out for a protest rally tomorrow, Saturday 2pm.

15:00 Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl

17:00 Jennifer Kim, Guerrilla Feminist Collective on anti-misogny organizing in response to the V Roosh website. Men had been encouraged to meet Saturday night in Vancouver at the VPL south side, but since Wednesday reinvented themselves as victims of feminists and said they were going underground.  The Guerrilla Feminist Collective planned a meetup in response to the call for 7:45pm Saturday.

25:00 Matthew Karp, Writer with Jacobin and Professor of History at Princeton University. The War on Bernie SandersHow the Democratic Party elite has launched a virtually unprecedented attack against Bernie Sanders.

40:00 Sarah Beuhler and Tristan Markle on NDP and the left in Canada
With Tom Mulcair intending to stay on as leader despite the NDP’s recent campaign performance, many on Canada’s left are asking where is the NDP’s Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders?

49:45 Subhumans, moments Vancouver punk history

50:40 Open Road publication digitization with David Spaner and Alan Zisman
Infamous ‘Open Road’ publication from Vancouver that differentiated itself from the mainstream and “sectarian leftists organs” in that its reportage sought to convey “anti-authoritarian trends and developments wherever they may occur, and to push no organization other than those which are created and sustained by ordinary people in the heat of struggle.”  From Vancouver Anarchist Archive Online: “In 1975, Ken got the idea of publishing a high-quality anarchist tabloid, modelled in part on Akwasasne Notes and Rolling Stone, and David Spaner proposed the name “Open Road”. Yippie anarchists and some new people (also anarchists) got together to form the Open Road Collective. The first issue of Open Road was published in the spring of 1976. It is from this point that an overt and permanent anarchist tendency exists in Vancouver.”

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