Thur March 17 – Bernie Sanders, George Massey Tunnel, Open Media, Chinatown

W2MEDIA.ORG  |  Media Mornings independent Canadian news hour on Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm


To hear the podcast on a mobile device or listen live between 7-8amPST

Mar 17 2016 Media Mornings

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @Dutchphoto

01:00 Show Introduction,

02:00 Weather, Local and international news

15:00 Jeff Cohen on the Real News Network talks about Sanders and His Supporters Should Now Call for a Real Political Revolution.

25:00 Eric Doherty – Will Trudeau’s infrastructure plan with George Massey Tunnel replacement worsen the climate crisis? #bcpoli #cdnpoli

35:00 David Christopher of Open Media urging Canadians to not let Rogers and Bell crush innovative new mobile providers#cdnpoli

47:00 Chanel Ly Chinatown community organiser previews this weekend’s UNTOLD STORIES: voices of Chinatown seniors #vanpoli

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