Tues June 14 — Canada Post Task Force — Lashings in Iran — Indigeous Child Poverty

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June 14


TODAY’S SHOW Host: Jane Bouey @janebouey


Starts at 1:20  Introduction, local and international news, editorial on Orlando shooting and weather.

16:15 Joey Hartman – Vancouver and District Labour CouncilCanada Post Task force – your opportunity to improve and expand Canada Post services 

33:00 Habib Mehrzad ‐ Committee for the Defence of Iranian People’s Rights Last week, in Iran, over thirty students in the town of Qazvin, north of the capital Tehran, were accused, tried, sentenced and punished within a twenty four hour period. Quite apart from the human rights issues raised by the brutality of the punishment, amounting to 99 lashes for each student who attended a graduation party involving both men and women, the implications for the judicial system in Iran are immense.

48:00 Iglika Ivanova – Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives –
Indigenous children in Canada are more than twice as likely to live in poverty than non-Indigenous children, says a study released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
The study calculates poverty rates on reserves and in the territories—something never before examined. It disaggregates child poverty statistics and identifies three tiers of poverty for children in Canada:

  • 1. The worst poverty is experienced by status First Nation children, 51% of whom live in poverty, rising to 60% for children on reserve. Child poverty rates on-reserve worsened between 2005 and 2010.2. The second tier encompasses other Indigenous children and disadvantaged groups. The children of immigrants suffer a child poverty rate of 32%, while racialized (visible minority) children have a poverty rate of 22%. Between these are found non-­status First Nations children (30%), Inuit children (25%) and Métis children (23%).3. The third tier consists of children who are non-­Indigenous, non­-racialized and non­-immigrant, where the rate of 13% is similar to the OECD average.

Music: Billy Bragg – Power in the Union, K’Naan – Strugglin, Buffy Sainte-Marie – Carry it On.

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