Fri June 17 – National Chief Dorey, Quelemia Sparrow, David Minor, Jacqueline Lynne

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June 17 2016 Media Mornings

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

01:30 Introduction

04:00 Weather, local and international news. Trudeau in Vancouver, transit announcement, Vancouver Sun editorial comes out against BC Liberals policies on persons with disabilities, and Sanders team negotiates with Clinton’s in advance of endorsement.

11:40 Murder of UK MP Jo Cox, with NDP MP Nathan Cullen words in Parliament.

16:00 Lelu Island video series launches to demand protection of BC’s coast from a massive LNG terminal.

17:40 Audio from this week’s Make Vancouver a John-Free Zone rally at City Hall. The event was an effort between Creating John-Free Communities, individual residents, and community groups. Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity speakers Mary-Lee Bouma and David Minor (starts 24:00) and Jacqueline Lynne (of Indigenous Women Against the Sex Industry).  In 2014, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act became law in Canada. The Act recognized prostitution as violence and exploitation, however, police in Vancouver (with Mayor Gregor in charge) have not been arresting or charging pimps and the men who profit from trafficked and exploited women in Vancouver.

32:30 Christie Lee Charles is one of the artists at this summer’s 8th Tsleil-Waututh Cultural Arts Festival, Aug 21, 2016 – mark your  summer events calendar! The venue is Whey-ah-Wichen, site of the annual Under the Volcano Festival and Salish Sea Gatherings, and traditional summer home of Tsleil-Waututh.

35:00  National Chief Dwight Dorey of the Indigenous Peoples Assembly of Canada. The Supreme Court Decision on Daniels was rendered on April 14, 2016, declared that non-Status and Metis peoples are considered “Indians” under Section 91.24 of the Constitution Act. As both levels of government attempt to understand and incorporate the Supreme Court’s decision on Daniels, we explore what is the impacts of this Supreme Court decision and will Metis and off-reserve Indigenous people be able to access housing, employment and health services.

48:30 MUSIC: DJ Shub is one of the artists at this summer’s 8th Tsleil-Waututh Cultural Arts Festival, Aug 21, 2016.

51:00 Quelemia Sparrow previews her production, O’wet/Lost Lagoon. Alley Theatre, in association with Full Circle: First Nations Performance, presents O’wet/Lost Lagoon from Tuesday (June 21) to June 25 at the Firehall Arts Centre. There will be a free performance on Friday (June 17) at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre.  O’wet / Lost Lagoon is a solo performance about reclamation and change that weaves real-life stories with the visceral experience of a spiritual canoe journey. Written and performed by Quelemia Sparrow it grapples with the identity of a mixed-race aboriginal woman in a present-day, colonized world. With humour and truth, the story snapshots us through Quelemia’s life from her international modeling career – partying with the rich and famous–, to fishing trips with her dad, her connection/disconnection to home; and her journey of healing through intergenerational trauma.

58:30 Ryan McMahon, Red Man Laughing – Self Care And Reconciliation. In this episode of Red Man Laughing, Ryan turns the microphone on himself to reflect on the importance of self care inside the reconciliation movement. Ryan gets a nice reminder and teaching about kindness after recording an interview on “The Candy Palmater Show” for CBC Radio 1. #RedManLaughing #IndianCowboy #SocietyCulture #Podcasts #Arts #Comedy


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