Fri June 24 – Joseph Choonara, BREXIT, Raul Burbano, Grace Pastine, Portishead

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June 24 2016 Media Mornings

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

01:30 Introduction

04:30 Weather, local and international news.

15:30 MUSIC: The Clash in New York City “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

18:00 Raul Burbano of Common Frontiers on the Colombian state and FARC EP Peace Process.  We discuss the expectations created by joint communiqué 75, which was read by the FARC-EP and the Colombian Government on June 22, plus further announcements from Thursday in Cuba. 1) Agreement on a Final and Bilateral Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities and Decommissioning of Weapons (DW); 2) Agreement on Security Guarantees and Dismantling of Paramilitary Groups. 3) Agreement on Countersignature. These agreements represent a major step towards the end of the conflict.

33:40 MUSIC: Grimes – Realiti

35:45 Britain has VOTED TO LEAVE THE EU. We speak to Joseph Choonara, one of the key left figures in Britain on the LEAVE campaign. The referendum appears to have 52% in favour of leaving, but provoked a significant discussion inside the British Left. We talk about how and why the British left responded to the referendum. Choonara is a leading member of the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) in Great Britain and the author of “The EU: A Left Case for Exit.”

49:00 MUSIC: In a tribute to murdered UK Labour MP Jo Cox, the Bristol trip hop band Portishead have released a video for their downbeat cover of Abba’s pop classic, SOS.

52:00 #StopIllegalSpyingGrace Pastine, of the BC Civil Liberties Association  on challenging the rampant surveillance. In October of 2013 the BCCLA filed a lawsuit against the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) calling on the government to state clearly who they are watching and what is being collected. For more than two years now the government has dragged its feet, providing HEAVILY redacted documents to our lawyers and arguing that Canadians can’t know what our own communications intelligence agency is doing. Today, BCCLA pro bono lawyers are appearing before the Federal Court to argue that Canadians have a right to know. After this week’s hearings, the BCCLA’s case will ‘go dark’. This means the trial will occur in a secret location, with secret evidence, and only a handful of Canadian lawyers with a special security clearance can ever appear before this court. Only Amicus Curiae John Norris will be there to represent the BCCLA, and all the public’s interest, before the secret court. Documents that are released will form the basis of evidence in the BCCLA’s upcoming public case to stop illegal spying. #StopIllegalSpying


  1. O’Wet Lost Lagoon MUST SEE!! at the Firehall Arts Centre, 3 shows remaining!  O’wet / Lost Lagoon is a solo performance about reclamation and change that weaves real-life stories with the visceral experience of a spiritual canoe journey. Written and performed by Quelemia Sparrow it grapples with the identity of a mixed-race aboriginal woman in a present-day, colonized world. With humour and truth, the story snapshots us through Quelemia’s life from her international modeling career – partying with the rich and famous–, to fishing trips with her dad, her connection/disconnection to home; and her journey of healing through intergenerational trauma.
  2. Saturday’s East Van anti-male violence march. Concerned neighbours have organized a community response to last weekend’s sexual assault on a woman in the Grandview-Woodland area. “Reclaim the Night – A Light Procession” is organized for Saturday, June 25th and begins with a meet-up where the assault happened on Napier Street just east of Victoria Drive, followed by a light procession through the neighbourhood at 2 a.m., the time when the woman was assaulted.
  3. Global Action for Ayotzinapa and Oaxaca Teachers-CNTE.  Sunday June 26th, 1 pm. Vancouver Art Gallery. We repudiate the repressive-violent imposition of the capitalist neoliberal education ‘reform’ that the State wants to impose in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacán. We call for the solidarity of comrades and civil society organizations. We ask you to join us to demand the end of violence and the violation of the labour rights of indigenous people, urban villages, and peasants in Mexico. This situation doesn’t occur only in Mexico. Here in Vancouver the government is threatening to close down 12 schools, 11 of them in East Vancouver, including schools with some of the highest populations of poor and Indigenous students. At the same time the provincial government subsidizes private schools that are only accessible to the rich. This is the same process of neoliberal privatization of education. It is class war being waged by the capitalist interest and the patriarchal system against the people.


We couldn’t fit everything into just one hour! check out The Leap Manifesto new video hammers back at rightwingers and haters like Christy Clark.


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