Wed July 13 – New Music from A Tribe Called Red, Supportive Housing, South China Sea

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July 13 2016 Media Mornings

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

04:30 Welcome!

6:30 Weather

7:15 News headlines local and international

16:00 A Tribe Called Red‘s new album “We Are the Halluci Nation” won’t be out til September but we present two brand new tracks on today’s show. Stadium PowWow is the first we play and the second is the title track “We Are the Halluci Nation” features poetry from John Trudell. Trudell was a Santee Dakota activist instrumental in building the American Indian Movement with whom the group collaborated with extensively before he died in December 2015.

20:45 Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton in order to “stop Donald Trump. We hear the response from Sanders supporters outside the Clinton event yesterday. Courtesy of The Young Turks.

26:30 Beijing rejects tribunal’s ruling in South China Sea case. Xi Jinping says China’s ‘territorial sovereignty and marine rights’ in the seas will not be affected. We hear from Philippine analysis on Duterte’s bargaining strategy and the wekaness of ASEAN and geopolitical influences on how players are handling the Court ruling. We hear that “Duterte is right” from Filipino commentator Ted Locsin Jr. and then CCTV America’s Elaine Reyes speaking to Victor Gao, Director of the China National Association of International Studies.

36:00 A Tribe Called Red‘s new album “We Are the Halluci Nation” featuring John Trudell’s poetry.

41:20 Christine Harris previews the Saturday, July 16 event Lindsey’s 4th Annual Walk & BBQ. Lindsey died on July 16th, 2012, and the BC Coroner’s Office is still investigating his death. “We are continuously working on raising awareness as Lindsey’s tragic death was preventable and is not an isolated case. This type of negligence in supported housing and how folks with addictions/mental health issues are treated in hospitals is unjust and appalling and must stop. To do that changes must be made to the system.”

51:00 Sounds from the Burnaby renovictions protests and occupation with Maria Wallstram, Ivan Drury and Martin Lenin. The Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign has begun an occupation of a recently demovicted apartment building at 5025 Imperial Street in the Metrotown area of Burnaby. The occupiers have dropped banners from the roof and there is an ongoing support rally outside with info about the action.

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