Tues July 26 2016: BCNU Locks Out Staff – Forces Strike — MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert – Trans Rights Bill

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 April 2016 MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert - -Introducing Bill to Protect Trans People in BC Human Rights Code.
April 2016 MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert – -Introducing Bill to Protect Trans People in BC Human Rights Code.

At 11:48 min mark: Interview with MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert. Monday July 25 2016, history was made. Legislation to explicitly protect transgender rights in B.C.’s Human Rights Code passed into law Monday. The legislation was fast-tracked through the house in one day, during a special summer session of the legislature. Attorney General Suzanne Anton said the legal change was necessary because many transgender people had clearly told government they did not feel the human rights code adequately protected them under the law. Vancouver West End NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert said he was pleased that governing B.C. Liberal Party finally enacted the legal change after several years of not enacting his private members’ bills on the subject. Host Jane Bouey talks with Spencer about the legislation, Pride, and politics.

00.35 Second mark: Interview with Joey Hartman (President Vancouver and District Labour Council) Friday, July 22nd  BC Nurses’ Union leadership locked out MoveUp staff at offices in Burnaby, Victoria and Kelowna during which time,  BCNU senior managers asked the locked-out staff to return to work under a management-imposed contract that cuts benefits. MoveUp states that their only alternative to working under a management-imposed agreement was to conduct a strike vote, and they are now on strike.



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