White Supremacy in BC, Trauma and Prostitution, BDS in Canada, Transparency Plagued Evergreen Skytrain

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Miranda of Canadians For Justice And Peace In The Middle East

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto


4:00 NEWS HEADLINES: 50 Nations sign oilsands declaration in Vancouver and Montreal

20:00 Background on BDS in Canada, Miranda from Canadians for Justice & Peace in the Middle East. This weekend: Boycott Israeli Wine, Stand up for Palestine. September 23, 2016 – 3 pm, Corporate Head office, BC Liquor Distribution Branch, 2625 Rupert St., Vancouver (across from the Rupert skytrain station). Pickets were already held at various BC liquor stores, including one at the beginning of August that included an instore flash action, the video of which has over 79,000 views on FB. Boycott Israeli Wines FB page. Petition

25:00 Interview with Ingeborg Kraus – Trauma and prostitution

Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, Germany
Psychologist and trauma expert based in Germany. Dr. Kraus’ expertise includes humanitarian work in Bosnia and Kosovo with rape camp survivors; she is frequently invited to speak about trauma and sexual exploitation to university classes for psychologists, social workers,medical experts and other experts dealing with victims of trauma. Dr. Kraus is the initiator of the petition Appeal of the German psychotraumatologist against prostitution.

40:00 INTERVIEW with Bob Mackin – Skytrain over-runs and failed transparency 

Bob Mackin
“The BC Liberal government says the troubled Evergreen Line SkyTrain extension will open by Christmas, but it’s keeping secrets about a transaction with the rapid transit line’s primary contractor and the results of mediation over construction delays.”

52:00 INTERVIEW with David Ball – White Supremacy in BC and Soldiers of Odin 00-22-van-soldiersofodin2submittedweb-jpg-size-xxlarge-promo
“A citizen patrol group accused of vigilantism and ties to racists held a street patrol in downtown Vancouver on Sunday night. A recently formed B.C. chapter of Soldiers of Odin — an international network co-founded late last year by a Finnish white supremacist convicted of racially motivated assaults — held a “day of action” in the Okanagan and Vancouver.” David Ball

59:00 #StandWithStandingRock
Sundance Film Festival presents new video: “For those of us who are media makers, filmmakers, storytellers — and have been a part of the Standing Rock camp — we can only hope that our medium contributes to the countenance of these events.” – Heather Rae, director ‘Trudell.’ To learn more about how filmmakers are responding: http://bit.ly/2czKtp8.  #nodapl #waterislife #StandWithStandingRock


Town Hall Meeting: Stop the Centerm Container Expansion
Saturday Sept 24. at Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main St, Vancouver, 3:30-5pm #SaveCrabPark

Ayotzinapa Picket
Monday, Sept 26, 12noon, at Mexican Consulate, 1177 W Hastings St.
Ayotzi 68 Collective Society and ILPS Vancouver demands answers from the Mexican government and demand the Canadian government to stop financing the Mexican police force and Mexican Army and to give a response for the disappearance of the 43.

Gathering for Ayotzinapa – Cultural and informative event
Monday, Sept 26, 6pm, Calvary Church, 1803 E 1st Ave, Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories, Latin American food, performances, videos and DJ Carlitos Tunes Tunes and DJ Don Julio.

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