Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Sam Pollard on Two Trains Runnin, Jodi Spargar on Reconciliation

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Grand Chief Stewart Phillip photo -

Special Guest: Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, UBCIC

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

starts at 03:00 with introduction

03:00 Intro

5:30 Weather & news headlines: #RenameBC, Scientific study proves Bitumen sinks with demands to Christy Clark to reject KinderMorgan pipeline expansion, Colombian President wins Nobel Peace Prize, Abortion rights victory in Poland, Women’s Boat to Gaza, and lots more!  

22:00 Event Announcements:

“Genocide: The politics of Denial, Forgetting and the Work of Memory”  – Conference Oct 7-8 at SFU.

The Radical Convergence: SFU’s Geography Department in the mid-Seventies.  Tuesday, Oct 11, 7–9PM, SFU Harbour Centre. Co-sponsored by SFU’s Institute for the Humanities & Department of Geography

25:00 Sam Pollard, Director, of  Two Trains Runnin, screening at the VIFF on October 8 (3:15pm) and October 12 (6:30). Sam Pollard is an Academy Award nominated and multiple Emmy winning producer, director, and editor. His professional accomplishments span thirty years, including editing Spike Lee films and making his own films.

Sam Pollard, Director, Two Trains Runnin

About Two Trains Runnin: You had to be very brave or very foolish to venture into Mississippi in the summer of 1964. The civil rights movement was coming to a boil. But three East Coast music enthusiasts had their minds on something quite different: the long-forgotten Delta blues man Son House. Meanwhile on the West Coast, another group of young men—including the guitarist John Fahey—embarked on a very similar quest: tracking down Son House contemporary Skip James. Neither group knew about the other, nor did they anticipate the murderous temper of the times down South, where black activists’ strategy of enlisting white student support was beginning to make an impression on the national consciousness, to the fury of segregationists.

36:00 MUSIC: Dalannah Gail Bowen has a concert October 11 at the Fairview, 7pm, Thank You Vancouver Concert

39:00 Jodi Spargar, Director of Healing at the Wounding Place, previews Walking From Wrongs to Rights, OCT 14-15, an initiative of the Grandview Calvary Baptist Church.

Jodi Spargar, Director of Healing at the Wounding Place

We discuss reconciliation, healing and justice. What can settlers do, and what is the way to acknowledge harms to Indigenous Peoples and move forward together? 

48:00 MUSIC: WOLFBEARRelation All Nations

50:00 Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs

UBCIC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip. Photo by David P. Ball
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, UBCIC

We speak live with the Grand Chief about increased Indigenous unity against oil and gas threats. During the Royal family visit, the Grand Chief received international media coverage last week for the UBCIC stance with regards to unresolved substantial issues.  BBC quoted him as saying:  statistics showing that half of First Nations children live in poverty…. expressed frustration that the government has failed to quickly rectify funding disparities for the delivery of on-reserve child welfare services, despite a scathing ruling by a human rights tribunal…. noted concern, too, at the high suicide rates in First Nations and Inuit communities.


  1. A new Edward Snowden?  Real News clip on former whistleblower William Binney says the arrest of Harold Thomas Martin could be tied to the August release of NSA source-code.
  2. Rick Mercer – Donald Trump lessons for Canada’s NDP and Conservative leadership contests
  3. Kalilah Rampanen, 16 years old, sings her new song “Hey Mister Suit and Tie”
  4. #StandWithStandingRock / Sundance Film Festival presents new video: “For those of us who are media makers, filmmakers, storytellers — and have been a part of the Standing Rock camp — we can only hope that our medium contributes to the countenance of these events.” – Heather Rae, director ‘Trudell.’ To learn more about how filmmakers are responding:  #nodapl #waterislife #StandWithStandingRock

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