2016 Year in Review Pt 3: VPD Caught Sexually Exploiting Women, Raul Burbano on Latin America, FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley

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TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

02:00 Introduction

04:00 News Highlights

10:00 Year in Review: Raul Burbano (Common Frontiers) discusses the many highlights of 2016 in Latin America from the passing of Fidel to the peace process in Colombia, and movement from the rightwing in Brasil and Venezuela. Plus we’ll ask Raul what he’s looking at for 2017.


35:00 Russia Sanctions Moves the US Closer to Another Cold War. Views from Coleen Rowley, former FBI whistleblower and TIME Magazine Person of the Year, says the evidence the Russian government hacked and interfered with US elections must be made public.  Via the Real News Network.


48:00 We speak with a representative Laurel McBride of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter on Vancouver Police Department officer getting caught exploiting women. VPD Officer James Fisher, a 29-year police veteran faces six counts involving a juvenile and an adult. The problem is, he was cited by Attorney General Suzanne Anton for his work on sexual exploitation, and so his previous case work is now being reviewed.


A Real standout! VPD Officer James Fisher (above)

More news that didnt fit!

The Naked Truth – How a victory at Standing Rock could provide a blueprint for resistance during President Trump

W2Media Presents:

DJ SHUB at Biltmore Cabaret, Feb 4th, presented by @W2Media


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