Black Futures 2017: Black Space, Black Vancouver, Points of Power

Black Futures 2017


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The history of Black people in Vancouver is storied, rich and complex and though representing less than 1% of the population, Black people’s presence rallies for visibility 40 years after the destruction of Vancouver’s only Black neighbourhood “Hogan’s Alley”.  In commemoration of February as Black History Month 2017 Angela Marie MacDougall hosts Black Futures, discussions on themes and concerns of the African diaspora in western Canada.

Today’s Podcast features:

  • What is Black Space?  (with Adeline Bird and Alexa Jay)
  • “Are there any Black people in Vancouver?” Recognition, Honouring, Access and Inclusion (with Anthonia Ogundele and Stephanie Allen)
  • Standing on Points of Power – Self-Possession for Black Women (with Theresa Thomas and Amarachi Chukwu)

[Advance to 01:50] – Starts with introduction to Democracy North / Media Mornings with regular @W2Media’s Jane Bouey. Who introduces our special guest host Angela Marie MacDougall. Angela is a bi-racial Black activist born and raised in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish Territories with roots extending to Sweden and Ghana.  She takes action to end violence against women by way of decolonizing and anti-oppression feminism.  As executive director at Battered Women’s Support Services she has convened a multi-disciplinary, multi racial, multi ethnic team that responds to over 10,000 requests for service yearly.   She is formally trained in counselling, committed to Indigenous solidarity and community-based responses, her recent impact includes the social enterprise My Sister’s Closet thrift boutique, Strategic Interventions a training and consultation project, Youth Ending Violence gender violence prevention program.  In 2014, Angela was named a Remarkable Woman by the City of Vancouver and in 2016 Vancouver Magazine named her one of Vancouver’s most powerful people.  Angela can be found at

05:45 MUSIC: The Roots False Media

09:30 WHAT IS BLACK SPACE? Featuring Alexa Joy and Adeline Bird.


Founded by members of Winnipeg’s Black community, Black Space is a grassroots, community organization that fosters organic dialogue about everyday experiences on being Black, spreading perspectives of Afrocentrism, and Pro-Black conversation. Black Space was founded out of the need to express frustration, exhibit support and build solidarity for Winnipeg’s Black community. Black Space holds a chapter for Black Lives Matter and continues to build momentum to cultivate safe space and support community initiatives for Black people of Winnipeg.

alexa-joyAlexa Joy, Blogger, Activist, Founder of Black Space. (aka Alexa Potashnik) is a beatboxer-activist and a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Winnipeg, majoring in Human Rights with a double minor in Business Administration and Conflict Resolution Studies. Alexa is the current Racialised Student Commissioner with the Canadian Federation of Students of Manitoba. Her work has provided conversation for people of colour to have a safe space to heal, decolonize and create solidarity to strengthen marginalized communities. She has conducted and hosted events such as: Dear White People: Black History Month Film Screening, Sexualizing the Disposable Woman, One Month in our History: The Search for the Afro-Canadian Identity, Blacktivism and many others. Alexa remains a strong leader in her community, connecting her activism with her musicianship as a vocal-percussionist in the hip-hop community of Winnipeg.

Adeline BirdPodcaster, Author, Creator of Soul Unexpected

adeline-birdAdeline Bird is part African and Obijway from Rolling River First Nations, Manitoba. Adeline has a passion for social change and justice, so much so, she immediately went into the profession of social work. Adeline’s passion and drive for knowledge, truth and consciousness gave birth to her podcast Soul Unexpected. Which she hosts and produces and can be found  at Adeline is also the author of the book titled Be Unapologetically You: A self-love guide for women of color. Adeline uses Soul Unexpected and her book to inspire, create awareness, and get listeners to think differently. Subscribe to Soul Unexpected on iTunes, Stitcher, &

Soulful Strategist Host and Founder of the Podcast Soul Unexpected. Author of the book Be Unapologetically You: A Self-Love Guide For Women of Color. Plus check out her Be Unapologetically You Promo Video.

20:45 – Public Enemy – Long and Whining Road

25:15 – “Are there any Black people in Vancouver?” Recognition, Honouring, Access and Inclusion featuring Stephanie Allen and Anthonia Ogundele


Stephanie Allen is a graduate student in the Urban Studies program at SFU and her research focuses on affordable housing policy and practice.  She also works full-time as a real estate developer with a focus on multi-family housing, having worked for over 14 years in both the private and public sector in Alberta, Arizona, and in communities across BC.  Stephanie keeps it real in her pursuit of adequate, affordable, and safe housing as basic human right which she sees as vital to creating healthy, inclusive, and equitable cities.

black-futuresAnthonia Ogundele – as a trained planner, Anthonia has a passion for cities and engaging communities. She is Co-Chair of the Coal Harbour Resident’s Association and her newest endeavor with her husband is the Cheeky Proletariat, which is an art space on Carrall street which features local artists. Anthonia is the Manager of Sustainability, Business Continuity and Emergency Planning at Vancity Credit Union. As a member of the African Diaspora, Anthonia remains curious and passionate about daylighting the black Canadian identity whilst she remains relentlessly curious in discovering her own.

38:45 The Roots – Long Time

42:30 – Standing on Points of Power – Self-Possession for Black Women

theresa-thomasIn commemoration of February as Black History Month 2017, Battered Women’s Support Services presents “Standing on Points of Power – Self-Possession for Black Women” group.

Standing on Points of Power will illuminate the presence of Black Women in Vancouver by creating a unique space where Black Women can unapologetically come together with a positive regard, and respectful consideration, of their shared lived experiences, as Black women.

Featuring: Theresa Thomas born and raised in Texas lives in Vancouver and is a Counsellor at Battered Women’s Support Services.



Black Futures – Wrap up!

MUSIC: Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think



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