Sanctuary Cities Spread, Foreign Radicals Theatre, SFU Fires 160 workers

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Friday, February 10, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

02:00 Introduction and welcome

04:00 Today’s weather report

06:00 NEWS: Anti-fascist activistsCanucks’ owner Aquilini throws support behind Bruins’ fan O’Leary

15:00 Telesur news roundup

20:00 Jaggi Singh of Montreal Solidarity City previews progress in Montreal towards adopting “sanctuary city” policies.


Inspired in part by Sanctuary Cities in the USA, but crucially motivated by the autonomous organizing of undocumented migrants who resist deportations and detentions and create and sustain networks of mutual aid and support, Solidarity Across Borders has actively campaigned since 2009 to make Montreal a “Solidarity City”.

And with the U.S. President Donald Trump election, a group of sanctuary cities down south is banding together to resist Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants — even if it means losing millions of dollars in federal grants. The fight is about more than just money, say the mayors of cities like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, which protect undocumented immigrants from deportation either informally or as a matter of policy.

Now let’s look above the border at here in Canada. Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, New Westminster all debating this.

35:00 Byron Cruz, Sanctuary City Vancouver updates us on New Westminster, Burnaby, and Vancouver progress on protecting public access to services irregardless of documentation.


44:00 Jeremy Waller Co-Director of FOREIGN RADICAL


Named Top 10 Vancouver Theatre Shows in 2015 by The Georgia Straight & Vancouver Presents!
“Foreign Radical” is an interactive, multimedia experience with multilingual elements in Farsi and Arabic. Each performance is unique in that the audience dynamic influences the outcome.  “Foreign Radical” invites 30 participants into an intriguing theatrical game world exploring security, profiling, terrorism, freedom of expression and privacy in the age of cyber surveillance. Mobile throughout the performance, the participants collaborate, compete, investigate, debate, and spy on each other.

50:00 MUSIC

51:00 Octavian Cadabeschi, Organiser with UNITE Local 40 on SFU Firing 160 workers


Food service workers at Simon Fraser University, members of UNITE HERE Local 40, are fighting for jobs. Chartwells, part of the Compass Group, recently issued lay-off notices for all 160 food service workers employed at SFU.

The workers demand that the University guarantee their jobs, benefits, and union contract, and that their years of service to the university be respected. On Friday February 6th, cafeteria workers delivered 1,300 student signatures to SFU President Andrew Petter supporting their demands.


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