Fay Blaney and Rachel Warden on Feb 14 and #MMIW, Bob Mackin and Dermod Travis is their democracy in BC

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Monday, February 13, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

03:00 Introduction and welcome

Today’s weather report

5:40 NEWS:  Sunday’s No Ban, No Wall Rally at the US/Canada border, Mexicans protest Trump,  Petition to change BC Family Day to be in sync with the rest of North America, A Tribe Called Quest highlight of the Grammy’s calling out President Agent Orange

15:20 We break down media coverage of North Korea’s missile test.

22:00 MUSIC: A Tribe Called Quest ‘We the People


24:00 Rachel Warden of KAIROS previews February 14th Women’s Memorial Marches Across Canada. On February 14, KAIROS will join Indigenous and non Indigenous groups from across Canada in remembering and honouring our missing and murdered sisters in Canada. More than 1,000 Indigenous women have been murdered or have gone missing, most over the last 20 years.  Many of these crimes and disappearances remain unsolved. The Memorial March is an opportunity for all cities and communities to come together to grieve the loss of our beloved sisters and remember the women who are still missing.

30:00 MUSIC: Buffy St MarieStarwalker

32:15 Fay Blaney, Co-Chair, February 14th Women’s Memorial March Committee in Vancouver. We will talk about the 27th annual march for missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.  “The government’s current plan for the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women should focus on three key issues: the overall status of Indigenous women in Canada, addressing systemic and male violence against Indigenous women, and safe and respectful participation of families and loved ones including families of the heart, frontline workers and Indigenous feminist organizations,” says Fay Blaney.


43:00 MUSIC: NORTHERN CREE with Carla Morrison from The Grammy’s

45:30 Dermod Travis, Executive Director, IntegrityBC  talking about the $100,000 Club and the erosion of democracy in BC.

Plus we speak with Investigative Journalist, Bob Mackin @bobmackin introduces his new investigative journalism project The Breaker and talks about the damage to democracy by the ruling party in BC and following money trails.


Christy Clark pulling in millions, running BC like a private corp.

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