Kinnie Starr Play Your Gender, Jane Routledge BC NDP, Syria Bombing, Ontario Police Accountability

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Friday, April 6, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

2:00 Introduction and welcome

Today’s weather report

3:30 Syria bombed by the USA, false flag, or correct response? Alternative analysis from Michel Chossudovsky from

10:00 News Roundup from Telesur: FROM THE SOUTH

14:15 NEWS: BC Govt held accountable for suicide of coop student and firing of workers.

19:30BBC Talking Pictures 1984: Fans turn out for revival of the dystopian film

24:00 Alok Mukherjee reviews new report on police accountability in Ontario

Ontario commits to releasing past and future SIU reports: Justice Michael Tulloch’s report into police oversight in Ontario makes 129 recommendations including call for release of all future and past Special Investigations Unit (SIU) director’s reports. This is on the tail of a report by CBC Toronto with analysis revealing officers making $100,000-plus while facing criminal charges. More reading from Toronto Star.

36:00 Janet Routledge BC NDP Burnaby North candidate.


Janet talks about the NDP campaign, the main policy fronts concerning big money, education, and the environment. Burnaby North has the issue of Kinder Morgan front-and-centre as well, so we tackle this hot divisive issue in the BC election.  Photo

47:00 We talk with Canadian artist Kinnie Starr, the executive producer of the film Play Your Gender.   Friday screening at 7:45pm at Vancity Theatre. Link here.

Director @stephclattenburg getting in the middle of the action with @kinniestarr during sound check. #womeninmusic #luminato #girlswithtoys


Less than 5% of music producers and engineers are women, even though many of the most bankable stars in the industry are female. Women are often the face of a band, but rarely write the lyrics, whereas men are often hired to do the technical work behind the scenes. The music industry has a massive impact on our economy and culture. The songs we consume and the musicians we revere attest to our value systems, and in turn reinforce our cycle of consumption. This exclusive feedback loop bypasses women’s talents at a structural level. Play Your Gender attempts to break that loop. Director Stephanie Clattenburg and musician Kinnie Starr highlight women’s achievements in the industry, and take us on a quest to understand how it came to be that the gendered authorship gap exists. These candid and insightful discussions, with some of Canada’s best known artists, will have you drumming along in your seat and leave you inspired to follow your art. 

SATURDAY PREVIEW: Society of the Spectacle Dance Party

Party like it’s 1984, or 1968... Video, dance music, and art installations surround the senses in a sonic molotov thrown at capital. DJs Don Chow, Krusheska and Young Dene, visuals by VJ Kinotropy, and curated by Irwin Oostindie. This is a public event for the “Spectacle of Fascism” Conference from the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University.

All welcome for this public party on Commercial Drive, steps from the Skytrain Station. Main room, plus 2 side rooms with art installations. Get your tickets at door $15, or in advance $10.




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