Socialists success in UK, consequences for Canada NDP, Afghanistan, Giving Voice Indigenous Musicians

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Friday, June 9, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

02:00 Introduction

03:00 Weather

Humiliating Collapse by UK Conservatives and Rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialist Manifesto

4:00 — We profile the election success of UK Labour as their socialist program brought people to the polls. More here at the Guardian UK news and analysis. 

13:00 — We hear from Joseph Choonara on the role of socialists within UK Labour and how right-wing Irish unionists will prop up the UK Conservative Party, and looking ahead to working inside UK Labour.

29:00 Jason Baines of NDP Momentum looking at lessons from UK Labour for the NDP leadership race in Canada.

37:30 MUSIC: Hindustani Classical Music by Pandit Rattan Mohan Sharma | Hindustani Classical Music Burnaby concert on June 17 —Facebook details

42:30 Roberta Staley, Director of  Mightier Than the Sword on her documentary “about Afghan female journalists and filmmakers and their impact on gender equality. The film shows the West that, despite criticism of Canadian involvement in Afghanistan since 9/11, and deep regret over lives lost, the sacrifice has resulted in positive change. The steps towards a more equitable society may be small, but they are in the right direction.” Upcoming screening in Vancouver at SFU, June 17.

53:00 Rob Thomson of Sister Says previews June 15 Giving Voice Concert curated by Sister Says featuring 13 Indigenous and non-Indigenous musicians.

60:00 Preview of Saturday’s Red Eye on Coop Radio with Russ Diabo, Wendy Pederson and more.

EXTRA: RISK – film trailer.  A film by Laura Poitras, Academy Award-winning director of Citizenfour. Executive produced by Sam Esmail, Award-winning creator of Mr. Robot. IN SELECT THEATRES, MAY 5th


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