#Resist150 Podcast – #Canada150, Asbestos Mining, New BC Govt

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Friday, June 30, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

2:00 Weather & News

3:30 BC NDP takes power; The Wicked Witch of the West is dead

8:30 Parliament Hill Algonquin Territory Teepee installation for Canada 150 “party.”

11:00 Heated exchange on Ottawa Press Gallery between Candace Day Neveau and media about “white privilege.”

16:30 A Lament for Confederation – 50 years later. Leonard George and Chief Dan George reflecting back 50 years.

23:00 More voices from Parliament Hill Teepee installation and RCMP arrests

26:00 Trudeau responds to Parliament Hill teepee re-occupation

32:00 Complications with celebrating #Canada150 in the midst of ongoing colonialism

36:30 MUSIC Drezus and Wab Kinew

41:30 Special on Canada and Asbestos and how it kills people

Kathleen Ruff of Smithers, BC. According to the World Health Organization, the asbestos-related death toll worldwide is estimated at 107,000 annually, including about 2,000 per year in Canada. In Quebec it is the No. 1 workplace killer: 118 of the 196 work-related deaths in the province in 2015 were officially deemed to be caused by asbestos.

When general contractor Don Garrett was invited to bid on plumbing work in Agassiz’s Kent Prison in 2008, he had no idea that such routine work would expose him to asbestos and touch off a nine-year battle that would cast him on the national stage as a whistleblower, make it impossible to obtain bonding, and cost him future contracts. He says the exposure to asbestos has compromised his health, and the government has made his life a “nightmare”.

Kathleen Ruff, a critic of Canada’s past involvement in asbestos mining and who is familiar with the Garrett case, has called on the standing committee to “condemn the wrongdoing of Public Works Canada and the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner in their dealings with Garrett and call on the Canadian government to give Garrett an apology and compensation for the harm and injustice he has suffered at the government’s hands.”

She also called for a “fundamental overhaul of the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner to make it truly independent and effective.” Ruff and other critics may have something to celebrate when the standing committee delivers its report.



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