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Friday, July 28, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

0:00 Democracy Now wrapup

2:00 Introduction

5:30 Weather & News

6:30 Israel fails on its blockade at AlAqsa in Palestine

10:45 News roundup: Balmoral Hotel charges laid, new supervised injection site in #DTES, Tamil migrants, #MMIW Inquiry, Grenfell Tower and corporate manslaughter in London, and Justin Trudeau colonial boxing match versus Jay Brazeau.

18:30 Music: Lido Pimienta

20:20 Raul Burbano Common Frontiers talking VENEZUELA Constituents Assembly and how to read the biased journalism of the CBC and corporate media in Canada.

“When Canadian Foreign Affairs minister Chrystia Freeland recently said that “Canada stands with the people of Venezuela following popular consultation”, she was not expressing solidarity with the Venezuelan masses, but with the Venezuelan elites trying to stymie the Constituent Assembly which they fear will further erode their political and economic power and privilege. Rather than supporting a real mass democratic process, the Canadian State backs the so-called popular consultation – a pseudo-democratic plebiscite, with no voters list, no restrictions on people voting multiple times, and no meaningful answer to the challenges facing Venezuela.” (ILPS Canada)

Background on Venezuela democratic struggles.

35:30 Teaser: WELL RED – Episode 6: Canada 150 + Ryan McMahon = Podcasting 101 for Charlie and Derrick

Have you heard the new Well Reds podcast? Brilliant impersonation of Chantal Hebert by Charles Demers. Plus it’s the official “Canada 150” counter-programming,  joined by the granddaddy of anti-colonial podcasting, Ryan McMahon, for a wide-ranging discussion set off by two magnificent books, Thomas King’s ‘The Inconvenient Indian’ & Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas’s gorgeous ‘Red: a Haida Manga.’ We also talk about Ryan’s upcoming book with Charlie’s humour imprint. Must listen stuff! (Photo is of Ryan & Derrick unimpressed that Charlie is late for a podcast recording at his own home)

41:45 Lawrence Boxall discusses Niki Ashton and the NDP Leadership race, plus civic politics in Vancouver with the byelection to replace Geoff Meggs.

Can the Vancouver left consolidate or will it be divided and conquered with COPE, Independents, One City and Vancouver Greens fielding candidates.
Irwin Oostindie, Media Morning Co-Host with Niki Ashton this week at her Vancouver event

54:00 Music: Delhi to Dublin

Soledad Munoz previews CURRENT is a multidisciplinary, intersectional, music and electronic art symposium working with femme-identified and non-binary artists in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. This 3-day, multi-venue, music and arts showcase featuring events and panels. With 90% of the electronic music scene dominated by white men, hear how Soledad and the CURRENT crew are building alternatives.

59:30 MUSIC: Lido Pimienta


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