One City Vancouver, NDP Leadership Race, Grenfell Tower Violence of Austerity, Site C, Venezuela

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Friday, Aug 4, 2017

TODAY’S SHOW Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

0:00 Democracy Now wrapup

2:00 Introduction

4:15 Weather & News

6:00-13:00 NDP sends Site C for Utilities Commission Review – we do a media survey of coverage.  ….And maybe the last chance to use a photo of Christy Clark on our blog ;P

18:30-24:00 Plus we unpack coverage of Venezuela‘s constituents assembly which is setting up today, plus rejection by western capitalist countries

24:00 Duterte announces free public college education in the Philippines.

25:30 Grenfell Tower and the Violence of Austerity
The Real News Network‘s Mohamed Elmaazi speaks with attendees of the University of London’s panel discussion on the “Grenfell Tower Fire: The Avoidable Tragedy,” examining the political, social and economic environments in which the the fire occurred

33:00 One City Vancouver – Anna Chudnovsky introduces One City policies and how they differentiate from Vision and other Vancouver parties. One City AGM in August will vote on having Judy Graves as their candidate in a crowded municipal political landscape.


48:30 Guy Fogel on the NDP Leadership Race.  Guy Fogel, born in Israel, a long time socialist and a member of NDP Momentum


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