Democracy North: Global Migration VS Canadian and European Walls

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Today’s Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto


6:30 Introduction: Today we separate myth from reality with regards to the history of Canada as a white settler country.  We start with the lie that if you work hard you too can prosper in Canada, as if the federal government does not structurally ensure poor people of colour as refugees and migrants end up in precarious worksites or in detention centres.  Let’s spend the hour to deepen our understanding of what thousands of people are struggling with this winter season.

12:30 Migrant Rights in Canada with Ms. Fay Faraday Constitutional and Human Rights Lawyer, Writer, Advocate. Fay is an Innovation Fellow at the Metcalf Foundation.  She is the author of Profiting from the Precarious and Made in Canada: How the Law Obstructs Migrant Workers’ Security.  Fay Faraday is a lawyer with an independent social justice practice in Toronto. She represents unions, community organizations and coalitions in constitutional and appellate litigation, human rights, administrative/public law, labour and pay equity.

33:30 Music: Ana Tijoux – Somos Sur (Feat. Shadia Mansour)

35:30 Byron Cruz of Sanctuary Health talks about refugee claimants to British Columbia and challenges regarding housing, legal aid, and health care. Plus we will look at Sanctuary Health plans for next year.


46:30 MUSIC: Rebel Diaz – “I’m An Alien”


48:30 Ending African Slave Labour —we host a conversation between Sahra Jama

Sahra Jama (left) lives in Vancouver and is one of the organizers of a rally in Vancouver to End the African Slave Trade.  Here is the text from an online petition “End the Enslavement of African Migrants and Refugees” she is supporting to the Council of the European Union.  On November 14, 2017 CNNreleased the results of an investigation in Libya, revealing that Black migrants and refugees are currently being held in detention centers, rounded up to be displayed at auctions — and sold. Their worth amounting to no more than a few hundred dollars.

In exchange, they are used against their will for physical labor. They are demeaned. They are raped and exploited.  This is not only disturbing and painful news, it is beyond a stark reminder of how far we have yet to go when it comes to abolishing slavery. When it comes to hearing the voices of those who are currently being silenced and ignored in Libya. Put simply: the selling of African women, children, and men — of their lives and dreams — is unacceptable.

58:00 MUSIC: Gil Scott Heron – Alien (hold on to your dream) LIVE



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