Democracy North: Analysis on the Failure of the Vancouver Summit on Korea

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Today’s Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto has travelled extensively in North and South Korea and documented both sides of the DMZ.  For thirty years, Irwin has followed and reported on prospects for Korean peace and reunification.



7:20 Women Peace Activists respond to Vancouver’s failed Summit on Korea

Today’s podcast examines issues concerning peace and security on the Korean peninsula coinciding with Vancouver hosting the international foreign ministers’ summit on Korean issues. We go live to the closing press conference in Vancouver and talk about news and analysis from Arirang News, The Nation, National Observer, and more.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson promoting warhawk positioning during his opening remarks suggesting commercial aircraft are threatened by DPRK missiles. South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha listens on at the Vancouver Foreign Ministers Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada January 16, 2018.

Voices from the Vancouver Women’s Forum on Peace and Security in Korea

10:45 Canadian Senator Marilou McPhedran

The Senator tell her story about being repeatedly turned down for credentials—but finally permitted—by @CanadaFP staff at #Vancouver Summit on #Korea.

McPhedran is a Canadian lawyer and human rights advocate. She was the Principal of the University of Winnipeg Global College in Manitoba, Canada between 2008 and 2012.  (MARIANNE HELM / Toronto Star file photo

17:50 Retired U.S. Army Colonel Ann Wright

We discuss the context and problems with today’s Summit, and the role of the US military in the region. 

ANN WRIGHT, United States, Retired U.S. Army Colonel and U.S. Diplomat, Veterans for Peace on her thoughts on today’s Summit. @SenMarilou

Photo by Irwin Oostindie.




33:30-61:00 Analysis & Live Feed to Today’s Summit Failures

NOTE: The live feed was interupted numerous times from the Convention Centre.

(left) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives at the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula in Vancouver, January 16, 2018. REUTERS/Ben Nelms

49:50  Analysis by Irwin Oostindie on the Summit, Olympics, coldwar deepfreeze, and Canada’s warhawk diplomacy.

Canada’s failings to advance peace and reunification on the peninsula. South Korea welcomes North Korea with an Olympics Truce. More analysis & live feed to today’s summit failures

57:30 Live Feed to Today’s Summit

We close with more statements by the Unites States.

Background on the Vancouver Women’s Forum on Peace & Security in Korea

Photo (left) from Women’s rally for peace in Vancouver, Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press.

“On January 16, 2018, as Foreign Ministers from twenty nations gather in Vancouver to discuss security and stability on the Korean Peninsula, an international delegation of sixteen women representing feminist peace movements from Asia, Europe and North America will convene in Vancouver to ensure that civil-society perspectives are included in the official talks.

The objective of the women’s peace delegation is to urge the Foreign Ministers to prepare the table for a diplomatic peace process that moves away from war and increased militarization, and towards peace, reconciliation, and genuine security. Through the Vancouver Women’s Forum and other actions, the women delegates are reminding government leaders of overwhelming global public opinion that favors a peaceful diplomatic resolution as the only option on the table for resolving the Korean crisis. The outcome of the official summit must support the recent breakthroughs in inter-Korean rapprochement, not derail it.

Members of the international women’s peace delegation arrive in Vancouver at a remarkably timely moment for raising these issues. Occurring soon after Canada launched its National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, this Summit provides an ideal opportunity for Canada to put its newly enacted Feminist Foreign Policy into action by heeding the counsel of the women’s peace delegation and including them in the official discussions, as endorsed by 217 civil-society organizations from all over the world.

At this momentous juncture in Vancouver, the international women’s peace delegation will call upon the Foreign Ministers to pursue a comprehensive and lasting resolution to the longstanding conflict. They will share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom garnered from their efforts working towards achieving peace and genuine security on the Korean Peninsula. Drawing upon their collective expertise on militarism, nuclear disarmament, economic sanctions, and the human, social, and ecological costs of the unresolved 65-year Korean War, the delegation will recommend steps that can ensure a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

While the Foreign Ministers represent most nations of the UN Command that fought and provided humanitarian assistance during the 1950-53 Korean War, the delegates represent a wide range of civil-society organizations and social movements in South Korea, Japan, Guam, Sweden, United States, Canada, and globally.”

Full Program Available Here:

For More info:



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