Democracy North: Renegade Capitalism, Wealthy in Davos, Fight for $15

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Today’s Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto 

01:00 Introduction

6:00 Justin Trudeau at Davos talking about women’s economic rights

08:00 INTERVIEW: Kate Higgins, Oxfam Canada Director of Policy & Campaigns

Eighty two per cent of global wealth generated last year went to the richest one per cent, while the 3.7 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity saw no increase, according to a new Oxfam report.

Reward Work, Not Wealth’, is being released as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joins political and business elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It reveals how our global economic model enables a wealthy elite to accumulate vast fortunes, while hundreds of millions of people are struggling to survive on poverty pay.

22:00 MUSIC: MGB (Matt Mitchell, Gordon Grdina, Jim Black) is a new project that includes Vancouver’s Gordon Grdina. They play this Friday January 26, 8pm TICKETS $27 All In at the Western Front as part of the Bright Moments Series, @ 8pm. Coastal Jazz and Blues with Western Front New Music spotlight the newest shakers and movers in the Jazz world.

25:30 INTERVIEW: Pam Frache, Ontario Coordinator, Fight for $15 Fairness

In the face of the DAVOS elites’ meeting and the OXFAM inequity report, we talk about people’s understanding of capitalism as a system that is not working.

With last week’s nation-wide day of action, protestors gathered in support of Tim Hortons workers in Ontario, angered by some Tim Hortons franchisees who slashed workers’ benefits and breaks after the province raised its minimum wage.   Pam argues that people know inequity is not an acceptable part of the economic system, she talks about organising for Ontario’s Fight for $15, the failure of trickle-down economics and failure of progressive governments to protect workers and the need for sustained grassroots pressure. We also preview the issue of Basic Income and why the Ontario government and big business is floating it.  On Feb 20 we will be discussing this with John Clarke and the risk of dismantling of universal basic services for the public.

Don’t forget anyone can get $25 back from one of the elites… $25 Loblaw Card, which can be used to purchase items sold in their grocery stores across Canada. Here’s how to register for and obtain the $25 Loblaw Card.

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