Democracy North: Deconstructing Islamophobia in Canada Part 2

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Today’s Host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto and Alnoor Gova

On today’s program we broadcast a second group of voices from the Deconstructing Islamophobia in Canada panel discussion with critical analysis – One Year after the Quebec Mosque Massacre. Produced by Alnoor Gova.

 Part II: Featured Voices:

03:00 Ava Homa – celebrated writer, journalist, and political analyst specializing in women issues and Middle Eastern affairs.

Irfan Chaudry – a lead researcher with the Alberta Hate Crime Committee

Zool Suleman @canadavisalaw Immigration Lawyer recently awarded the title of “Queen’s Counsel”, by the Attorney General of British Columbia for his contributions to the law, Zool is a co-founder of the Islamophobia Hotline in BC and publisher of Rungh Magazine.

30:00 MUSIC: M.I.A. – Ali R U OK?

34:00 Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddiqui – a doctoral candidate researching the immigrant experience, including race/ethnicity and identity and issues relating to immigrant/refugee integration, racism, Islamophobia.

El Farouk Khaki – immigration lawyer and community activist

Yavar Hameed – national security lawyer

Background Articles researched by Alnoor Gova:



Too many Canadians don’t recognize the Islamophobia in their country

Despite numerous high-profile incidents and a stream of everyday instances, some Canadians still ignore or deny anti-Muslim hate

Melayna Williams


Wake Up Canada, Islamophobia Is Not New To This Country


Islamophobia is a systemic problem in Canada: expert


This is what Islamophobia looks like in Canada


Living with the Muslim Ban


Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada up 60%, StatsCan reports

Postering Peace – above link – does this work?

Good Series of Articles Jeewan has written



As we remember a mosque massacre, let’s find the hero within us


Joe Norris


The Current


White Americans are a bigger threat – Same in Canada?


Hate crimes targeting Muslims doubled in 2017, says Quebec City police chief


HeartBeat of Racism is Denial


Check out the CBC Coverage of the Mosque Shooting Saturday

And check this out –

Still Muslims are acting as though they are the perpetrators


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